Beep Flag Set

Vendor: Football Unlimited NZ
Product Code:

The REFEREE PAGING SYSTEM RPS2056 supports the linesman to get attention of the referee by sending a signal via radio.

The transmitter is integrated in the handle of the linesman’s flag and sends a coded signal to the referee’s receiver. By pressing one of the two buttons, vibration can be felt. The bar is screwed into the handle and can be replaced easily. Also the battery cover (bayonet) can be removed and/or fastened by easy turn.

The Receiver, mounted in a small black box (Pager), is carried by the referee, strapped at the upper part of the arm.
The signal transmitted by the linesman generates either a low (linesman 1) or a high (linesman 2) acoustic signal and a pulsing vibration at the referee’s receiver. Different way of vibration depending on linesman 1 or 2.